Pete Rogers is an ordained minister with a Master of Divinity degree from Erksine Theological Seminary. He is an award-winning author, writer and speaker. For over 21 years he has written for outdoor communications and has authored two award winning books. He is a highly sought speaker for conferences, seminars and churches.  He is available for motivational, spiritual and educational talks and seminars throughout the USA and overseas.

As a keynote speaker, Pete covers a variety of topics in both the outdoor and Christian arena. From hunting and shooting tactics, to NRA certifications for all three disciplines, to what it really means to enjoy God every day.

Below is a short list of topics he has extensive experience in and can lead your conference, event or church. For more information, or if you would like a copy of his speaker package, contact him directly.

Topics: Outdoor Seminars

  • Do you understand why and how deer move across your property? Learn how to read your terrain, topography and why and how deer use it to move and across your property and how you can use this to your advantage.
  • Do you want more turkeys on your property? Learn how to maximize the recruitment of turkeys on your property with these easy to do tactics.
  • Are predators damaging your deer herd? Want to maximize your recruitment of fawns? I give you time tested tactics to maximize your fawn recruitment.
  • Beavers cause millions of dollars of damage to timber annually. Learn how to control and even eliminate this problem.
  • Do you want a career in the outdoors? learn how to obtain a career in the outdoors. From traditional to non-traditional jobs in the outdoor industry.
  • How to break into the Outdoor writing arena in five easy steps.
  • Do you want your inexpensive rifle shooting like a custom one? Learn how to get your rifle shooting the best it can in five easy steps.
  • NRA Certification(s) – obtaining NRA certification for basic Rifle, Shotgun, and Pistol
  • How to go about planning your first out of state hunt
  • Are you considering a podcast? Learn from my mistakes how to launch a podcast in these easy to follow steps.


  • How can your church move from a place where God is tolerated, to a place where he is enjoyed? I give simple, easy tools to help you teach your community how to Enjoy God every day.
  • Outdoorsmen and Worship. Some of the hardest people to evangelize are those who experience God in nature. Learn some methods of getting outdoorsmen and women to move from the woods to the pews.
  • Persevering through adversity – When God calls, but the churches don’t, how to experience God in tough times. 
  • Do you feel insignificant and overlooked?  Learn how to overcome it with dignity and courage.
  • Understanding what separates us – so we can embrace what unites us. A primer on denominational differences and focus on the things that matter.
  • Is your traditional church struggling in a modern world? Learn some proven methods that can help your traditional church can thrive in the modern world.
  • Is your church stagnant, stuck, floundering? I  teach 5 easy steps to turning it all around and experiencing real growth.

Sporting Groups (Wildgame dinners, hunting fishing clubs, etc.)

  • How to moving from acknowledging God to enjoying Him.
  • Outdoorsman and worship – Can you really worship on the lake or in the deer stand?
  • Have you ever dreamed of working in the outdoor industry? Showing the truth behind the camera and how to get a real job working in the outdoor industry – 5 ways to get a career in the outdoor industry.
  • What is your role in God's plan? How do you fit in the bigger scheme of creation? I  teach what your role is and how you can use it for your good and God's purpose. 
  • Building the perfect hunting/fishing club – Does it exist?
  • Ever dreamed of owning your own piece of paradise? Learn how to obtain your own piece of hunting ground, it is easier than you think.

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