Christian Outdoors Podcast is owned and operated by Christian Outdoor Adventures, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit operating in Taylors, SC.

In 2019, after a lot of prayer and research, founder and host, Pete Rogers launched Christian Outdoors Podcast with one drive and mission. “To talk about all things outdoors and how to enjoy God every day.”

Through his 25 years as an outdoor writer, author, and speaker. Pete learned that any of the folks in the outdoor arena were Christians without a platform to express their faith. Cable television shied away from overt or subtle mentions of Christianity. Publications were clear, that no mention of God, much less Jesus was not allowed. This left a void for many who live for Christ but who also need to make a living with their product(s).

On October 1, 2019, the first episode was released with the commitment to release one episode a week for one full year and then re-evaluate. After that first year, the momentum was slow, but Pete felt that he needed to keep going.

Now into our 5th season, more than 200 episodes later and Christian Outdoors Podcast is reaching more than 2,000,000 listeners. We are listed in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide and as a top 12 Christian podcast. God is really blessing us as we proclaim the name of Jesus and share our passion for the outdoors and our passion for Christ in one location.

The model is simple; Pete interviews stakeholders in the outdoor community and they discuss their passion for the outdoors, and we follow that with a discussion about their individual faith journey. On a regular basis, Pete will bring in two pastors who share his passion, tackle tough theological issues, and share their insight into what the Bible says about that particular subject.

Christian Outdoors is found on all podcast platforms, such as Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Play, and as of December 2022 we are found on CarbonTV as well.

Pete has a deep passion for the outdoors, spending more than 200 days a year in the outdoors, hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing wherever he can. But his passion for sharing the good news of Jesus is what drives him to continue to grow the podcast and reach as many people as he can through this medium.

We are just getting started, and with God’s blessing, and the support of key partners, this ministry will continue to grow and reach folks with the good news of Jesus.