Episode #217: January 22, 2024

What Makes a Great Broadhead and Why

In the world of archery hunting, some of the biggest debates and squabbles are centered around which broadhead you shoot and why. There are hundreds of designs, dozens of manufacturers and styles that cause a plethora of discussions in hunting camp.

Mechanical, fixed, vented, unvented, double bevel, single bevel, two blade, three blade, four blade, replaceable blade, lightweight, heavy, steel, aluminum, titanium, and more. If there is a way to make a hole, it has been designed, manufactured and sold.

But the question remains, which is best for me? To answer this and other questions about the venerable broadhead, I brought two guys in to discuss this topic.

Jeff Stringer, and Ryan Corkell of Vantage Point Archery to discuss this topic and more and see what the differences are and why.

We also discuss why God has played a big impact in their lives and business, it's a great conversation with a few surprises as they release for the first time here on our show, their expansion into other areas of the outdoors with the launch of;

Vantage Point Armament and Vantage Point Outdoors!