Episode #212:December 18, 2023

Saving Every Child in America

Rocky Malloy is an author, speaker, and activist for education and children’s rights, born and unborn.

As a U.S. Merchant Marine Commander, Rocky was sentenced to life in a Mexican federal prison for conspiracy to overthrow the national government and international drug trafficking in a misguided attempt to help indigenous people in southern Mexico. Yet, arrest, sentencing, incarceration, and pardon occurred in a miraculous 72 hours.

Twenty-eight years of living in various Latin American countries resulted in an international program ministering to PK-12 children in over 23,000 schools in 23 countries. Social outcomes were breathtaking: an 80% reduction in teen pregnancy, up to 37% increase in high school graduates, and zero reported suicides in the last 13 years.

In 2021, Rocky and his family moved to Houston, Texas. The mission: to bring their international ministry success to U.S. public schools through chaplains. The vision is simple: to give school-aged children the tools they need to make quality life decisions. Rocky and Joske were married in Groningen, Holland, in 1990 and had five beautiful children, all serving the Lord.

Rocky regularly speaks on visionary leadership, educator, and children’s rights.

This episode will motivate you, educate you and inspire you to see, that God's plan for you is greater than you can imagine. Trusting in Him, and following him wherever he leads will cause miracles to happen.

The Chaplain in the School program is a very tough hill to climb, but we believe that it is possible and necessary to reach the lost.