Episode #203: October 16, 2023

The Sporting Chef with Stacy Lyn Harris

Truth in Nature Outdoors, (www.truthinnature.org) is a ministry that is focused on helping fatherless boys with positive male mentors. Began in 2009 by Jeff Davis of Dallas, Georgia. Davis felt a calling to help boys who were without a father. His life was shattered when his parents divorced and he lost his male role model, his wife suffered a similar situation when her father died when she was twelve years old. They recognized a need for boys to have a positive male role model and Truth in Nature Outdoors was formed.

Today, they have 11 chapters across the nation and are helping hundreds of boys with positive male mentors. By using the outdoors to draw these young boys ages 11-18, they introduce them to outdoor activities and also the gospel. Every session includes time to discuss the love of Christ and how he can change their lives.

Whether they are building fires, archery lessons, or learning how to be a gentleman in today's world, Truth in Nature Outdoors takes these boys and young men and shows them how Godly men are to behave and how they can have positive male mentors in their lives.