Episode #200: September 25, 2023

200th Episode Celebration

In the world of Podcasting 90% of all podcasts end before their 10th episode. Of the 10% remaining, only .5% make it to 100 episodes. Today CHRISTIAN OUTDOORS PODCASTS celebrates 200 episodes of content designed to "discuss all things outdoors and how to enjoy God every day."

For the past 4 years, we have pushed, climbed, crawled and fought our way through every week of recording podcasts. I have grown as a host, and as a producer. Many new friendships have been started through this podcast and God has worked and moved through the conversations about the outdoors and his grace and love for us. God has blessed us beyond measure.

What began as a small mission and ministry has grown into more than 1,600,000 downloads and a subscriber base of more than a million. It is truly humbling to see how God is working in and through this show.

Today, Jon Goodwin, Pastor of Heartland Bible Church in Gasport, NY and Chris Taylor, pastor of Immanuel Baptist in Glasgow, Ky join me as they have done so many times before.

We spend a few minutes reminiscing, and then we each "make a case for Jesus" By each of us encouraging the listener to accept Jesus as their personal savior. Three different men from different parts of the country and different churches all make a case for Jesus. This may be one of the most powerful episodes we have ever done.

But don't worry, we are set in, and season 5 looks to be the best yet! I have great guests coming on board and some older ones are coming back as we continue to strive to "discuss all things outdoors and how to enjoy God every day."

If you want to contact any of us from this show our emails are:

Jon Goodwin:  wildgamefreaks.jon@gmail.com

Chris Taylor:   chris@immanuelglasgow.church

Pete Rogers: pete@christianoutdoors.org

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