Episode #186: June 12, 2023

Call Me Hunter – Jim Shockey

In the world of Outdoor television, few names stand out more than Jim Shockey.

This week on Christian Outdoor Podcast I am pleased to have join me, Jim Shockey. There is so much to talk about with Jim. World travels, hunting animals most of us never heard of, television shows, muzzleloaders, outfitting for bears, moose, whitetails, and more. And we spend a few minutes discussing these items.

But we quickly dive into the creation of “The Hand of Man” museum and its creation, and what his drive behind it was and is. Then we transitioned to his new novel.

As if Jim hasn’t conquered enough, now he jumps headlong into the world of fiction novels and literature. His new novel “Call Me Hunter”.  Jim goes into detail of how the book came about, his writing of it and the basis of the plot.  He keeps much of the story a mystery, but suffice it to say, you will want to read this work. Praised by many in the literature world, “Call Me Hunter” is destined to be a best seller.

At the end of the show, we get into some personal discussions, and you may see a side of Jim Shockey you’ve never seen. Either way, you do not want to miss this episode of Christian Outdoors Podcast. Brought to you by CVA.