Episode #185: June 5, 2023

Stepping Out on an Adventure of Faith

How often do we let our dreams die because life gets in the way? When is the last time you chased your dream? Perry Gabbard sat on his dream for more than 40 years before taking that first step. As a teenager he dreamt of hiking the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). After retirement, he set out to realize his dream.

But his path was not a cake walk….not at all. Perry shares with us his struggles, his turmoil and his path to recovery while learning how to trust God along the Pacific Crest Trail.

His book “Stepping Out on an Adventure of Faith” What I learned about trusting God while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. Is available through all book outlets including, Books a Million, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and your local library. If you like to hike, enjoy the out of doors, or just enjoy reading someone’s life journey. Get a copy today.

You can find him at; www.inspiretoseek.com