Episode #184: May 29, 2023

Revitalizing Remington and Yourself with Joel Hodgdon

Remington is America's oldest gun manufacturer. Opening in 1816, Remington has set the standard for quality American gun manufacturing and ammunition manufacturing for more than 200 years.

Most of us know some of the struggles the company has faced including 2 different bankruptcies. But three years ago, the Remington Ammunition company was revitalized and is making a strong comeback thanks to leadership like our guest today, Joel Hodgdon. Joel is the VP of marketing at Remington Ammunition and is leading the company into new and exciting areas of excellent products.

but Joel is much more than this, he is also a dedicated follower of Jesus and today we discuss the revitalization of Remington, and we spend some time talking about his faith journey and his passion for Jesus. It is a great show and one I know you will enjoy.