Ironman Outdoors

This past weekend I had the privilege of attending a weekend in LA. Also known as lower Alabama with Ironman Outdoors. It was a great weekend, and I am looking forward to having them on the podcast.

Ironman Outdoors is a ministry established in Blythewood, SC in 2002 and uses hunting to expose men to Christ and teaches them how to be Godly Men, husbands and fathers. All while enjoying a hog hunt, or deer hunt. It is a great concept and is run extremely well.

On this trip to Brantley, Alabama we hunted hogs with dogs, and also sat on stands baited with corn. Two hogs were killed over the bait, but most of the action was with the Patsburg Hoggers and their excellent hounds.

The Patsburg Hoggers is a local group of hog hunters who use hounds to chase, bay and catch wild hogs. To say it is intense is an understatement. And the gentlemen who handle the dogs are indeed gentlemen. During two days of hunting with these men, not so much as a cross word was spoken to anyone. Their dogs performed masterfully. And we were able to each take a hog while hunting in Alabama.

The hunting was awesome, as was the chance to meet men from Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina. the eleven of us had a great time hunting and learning about being Godly husbands and fathers.

Each day the Ironmen had what they term “Manhood discussions” where we sit together and discuss topics around the theme of being Godly men. These discussions were well done and well prepared and were in many ways the highlight of the weekend.

Ironman Outdoors has hunts for deer in Kentucky and Ohio as well as hog hunts in Alabama, Georgia and Florida. These are done at incredible prices and are very well run.

If you are looking for an adventure in hunting within a christian atmosphere, go to; and book a hunt.