Free will or Predestined?

In the world of theological discourse, there are few topics that bring the hair on the back of the neck up quicker than a discussion on predestination or free will.

Has God given the choice to humans to understand and accept their eternity? Or has God, knowing humans are in capable of making good choices, mad the decision for them?

This week, I am once again joined by Dr. Philip Hunt, a dear friend, educated Calvinist, and someone that understands the struggle between these two views.

Philip and I are not experts in this field, but we are educated enough that we feel a good discussion can occur and we believe it did. This episode we discuss the struggle of these two theological points, and our reasoning behind it. We also clarify the terms so listeners are, at the very least, using the terms correctly.

It is my prayer that the listener is able to clearly understand the differences of these two theological points and to make an educated decision themselves. But as we say in the podcast, the reality is, that only God knows what God is doing, and we will all be a little surprised when we arrive in his presence.