Episode #216: January 15, 2024

Wild Warrior Adventures with Johnny Benton

Warriors never stop being warriors. They are trained to be a warrior for life, and when they return from active combat, for many of them, it is difficult to transition back into civilian life. The warrior in them is constant.

johnny Benton is a warrior who served our country in some of the most challenging and difficult circumstances any human should ever endure. Today, he is helping other warriors to understand and adjust to life outside of the battlefield.

Wild Warrior Adventures is a ministry that allows warrior to gather with other warriors and share some time together fly fishing, and learning to understand and deal with their memories and trauma. This faith based ministry is helping men adjust and find Jesus along the way.

If you or someone you know could benefit from Wild Warrior Adventures or if you would like to donate and keep this ministry alive, go to https://www.wildwarrioradventure.org/