Episode #179 April 24, 2023

Buckventures – Jeff Danker

For the past 20 years Jeff Danker has been a staple on outdoor television. Known for killing giant whitetail deer. Jeff is one of the best hunters, and television producers in the industry. Growing up in central Oklahoma, Jeff cut his teeth in the outdoors in rodeo as a calf roper and team roping.

Buckventures television was his way of making a product that shows a deep passion for hunting whitetail deer. Jeff's obsession with whitetail deer is on a different level. Matching wits with mature whitetail bucks and sharing his faith in Jesus is what drives him. An unapologetic Christian, Jeff shares with us his outdoor adventures and his passion for Jesus in this episode.

It is one of the shows I have wanted to do for a long time, and we were finally able to get together and discuss his life and his faith journey. Jeff Danker is a class act, as real as it gets, and someone who's message will move you to action.

@Buckventures. on IG Buckventures on FB and look for Buckventures on the Outdoor channel as his second show, The Woodsmen on Sportsman channel and MyOutdoor TV.