Episode #177: April 17, 2023

The Modern Day Mountain Man with Billy Molls

What is a mountain man? In days gone by, the mountain man was a rugged individual who carved his life out of the Rocky Mountains, Yukon or Alaska living off the land. Trapping, hunting, fishing and more.

Many a boy grew up dreaming of living such a life, but few of us have pursued it with the passion and dedication as Billy Molls. Known as the Modern Day Mountain Man. Billy Molls has guided hunters across the Alaskan wilderness for more than two decades.

Hunting Dall sheep and Alaskan-Yukon moose in the Brooks Range, Grizzly bears in the western interior and Brown bears on the peninsula and Kodiak island. Molls has lived a life many of us dream about.

Chronicling most of this through a video camera, The Modern Day Mountain Man is a popular channel on YouTube and social media. Billy's open personality and willingness to share his struggles and his faith make his shows a "must-see TV"

Today we discuss his life as a guide and his faith journey as he spends months each year in the wilderness of Alaska.