Episode #174: March 27, 2023

What's Your Excuse – T8 Outdoorsman

What happens when life suddenly changes? When your plans are trashed, and everything you planned for suddenly and drastically changes?

Derek Demun was living the dream, A world-class snowboarder, he was chasing winter across the globe. When at the age of 21 a construction accident changed it all. breaking his back at the T-8 Derek was suddenly a paraplegic from the chest down. How did he cope? What were his challenges? Where did he turn for help?

Today, T-8 Outdoorsman is chasing his dream of hunting, fishing and more. In his wheelchair, he continues to live his dreams, hunting elk, deer, alligators and more. Derek is an inspiration and he shares how his faith in Christ has sustained him through all of this. Now age 34, Derek is still in his wheelchair, and still rolling through life with a positive attitude and making the most out of his situation.