Episode #171: March 6, 2023

Part 1 Wildlife Photographer Lance Krueger

Part 1 of a 2-part discussion with who many consider the greatest photographer of wildlife in America. Lance Krueger is best known for his pictures of whitetail deer and wild turkeys and today he and I discuss some of the nuisances of getting these epic pictures. How he got into the business of photography, how he gets some of his shots, and his equipment.

Much of this discussion is technical for photographers who are interested in equipment, his transition from film to digital and why. But we also cover a lot of the details of how he gets close to mature deer and turkeys.

The discussion is so good we kept talking and I decided to break it into two episodes. Next week we will get into more detail about photography, and we also discuss his passionate Christian walk and how that has influenced his life.

www.lance-krueger.com is where you can find his material.