Episode #167: February 13, 2023

Adventures in the Yukon with Derek Baker

Adventures in the Yukon with Derek Baker is a great show! We are discussing hunting Alaska-Yukon Moose, Wood Bison and ice fishing. But also learning how Derek and his family are serving as missionaries in the far north.

The Yukon is a dropping off place for many internationl folks heafing to Canada. Derek and his wife are working with SEND international (www.SEND.org) to help these folks assimilate into life in Canada. Before this, they spent many years in small village as missionaries to the First Nations People of Teslin, Yukon. He has a fascinating story of how he ended up in the Yukon and how his family is serving Christ in the far north.

Like many missionaries, Derek and his family are self funded. Which means they rely on the generous donations of others to support them If you want to contribute to his ministry you can do so here www.send.org/bakerbits